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Nanosteen Sdn Bhd is a family of phyto nutrients from the rind of the mangosteen are very powerful anti-oxidant that have wide ranging health benefits.

Studies for decades by experts, mangosteen's wide ranging health benefits has come in a potent and convenient form. This amazing fruit, which was traditionally utilized to control fever and recently researched extensively to have shown to ward off infections of EVERYKIND (except Polycythemia Rubra Vera) has more than 40 xanthones, now comes in a naturally delicious juice tested with more than 90% of antioxidant (superoxide scav.enging) activity, the various xanthones have proven to be so rich in life enhancing qualities.

These powerful antioxidants protect against free radical damage, joint inflammation, a natural energy booster, kidney stones, and may more. And you get all these in a juice form that you will look forward to taste.
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Xanton Mangosteen Blend

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